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Dress Code and Participation

What to Wear to Dance Class

Bobo’s Dance supply is our local dance wear supply store. A list is available for all students with style and color of leotard assigned for each level. Bobo’s issues a dance wear coupon for 15% off which is applicable to all purchases made the week before classes begin in August.

Ballet – All ballet students (Pre-Ballet to Adult) must wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes and leotards.  Hair should be in a tight bun.

Jazz/Lyrical/Modern –  Jazz students must wear tights or leggings (capri length or longer), leotard and jazz or character shoes (bare feet are allowed on teacher request).  Hair must be secured and out of the face.

Tap – Tap shoes must be purchased at Bobo’s according to level of student.  Leotards and tights are required.

Leotards, tights and ballet shoes are not appropriate for wear outside the studio. Students must wear a cover up. It is not acceptable for students to enter or leave the building in only leotards and tights. Ballet shoes should not be worn outside the building. The soles are not made for sidewalks or parking lots, and if worn in those areas, street dirt will be tracked onto the studio floors. It is important to teach our students proper ballet etiquette and modesty. Thank you for making these rules a priority.


Regular attendance is the most important factor in the progress of the individual student and the classes at a whole. Classes will begin promptly and students entering class late will not only disturb the class, but will miss an important part of the lesson. Parents should deliver and pick up their children within a ten-minute tolerance before and after class. For reasons of safety, no child will be allowed out of the building until her ride has come.


Parent Participation

All parents are invited to attend their child’s class/classes at the end of January. Parents of students primary age and older may visit the class with the teacher”s permission at any time. One parent from each class is also asked to serve as class mother. This is an important and necessary part of our program. We invite you to inquire about your child’s progress at any time during the year; and if you have any questions, or if problems arise, please let us know.

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