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Dance Arts Studio offers graded classes in dance technique placing students according to age and ability levels.  The curriculum offers a quality of training which advances in challenge and difficulty to prepare the dancer for study in college or at the pre-professional level.

2017 – 2018 Classes

Ballet is the foundation for all students at Dance Arts.

Pre-Ballet – An Introduction to dance for the younger student including stretch, coordination exercises, simple tumbling, traveling movements, positions of the feet and arms.  The discipline of the ballet class is introduced with age-appropriate emphasis.

Primary Ballet – An introduction to ballet positions and technique with an emphasis on the order and decorum of a formal ballet class.

Ballet Technique – Ballet technique is introduced in Grade 1 and builds each year. Progress is made through repetition of the basic exercises, steps and movements which enable the dancer to  acquire the strength, flexibility, muscle tone and correct body placement needed for ballet. Each year students expand their movement vocabulary as technique increases in difficulty and expertise is gained at each level.

Ballet Levels

Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding element of classical ballet, dancing on pointe requires development of turnout, strength in the back, knees, feet and ankles.   Students will be evaluated individually to assess when they begin pointe work.

Pointe classes are offered beginning with Pre-Pointe when the student is ten years old, or by permission of the director.  Students progress through levels of pointe at the discretion of the director and instructors.  All students taking pointe must be enrolled in ballet, pointe, and one other class (jazz, additional ballet, additional pointe, tap or modern).

All Pointe classes are 1 hour in length, including Classical Variations (for Level 6 or Level 7 students, or permission of director).

Stretch Class is a ½ hour class offered in addition to ballet class.  It builds strength and flexibility.  Instructors teach techniques that students can practice on each day to increase and control turnout, build stamina and to develop muscle control and core strength. 

Modern and Jazz Classes

A style that compliments ballet but uses more floor work, stressing strength and flexibility and highly stylized technique. Jazz is most often associated with musical theater dance or popular dance styles.

Pre-Jazz – Added at the end of the ballet lesson, pre-jazz serves as in introduction to the study of Jazz technique.

*Modern, Jazz, and Pre-Jazz classes are available ONLY in addition to a Ballet Class.

Tap Classes

Tap dance is a unique style characterized by taps striking the floor in a syncopated rhythm most often associated with Broadway and musical theater.

Additional Classes

Adult Classes:

Adult Ballet, Adult Tap, Adult Jazz and Adult Exercise/Dancercise Classes will be offered in Eight-Week sessions; Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.  Times and dates will be announced soon. 

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